VSAT unbanned!

At last Bangladesh government figured out their wrong decision. That’s why they have unbanned VSAT use. Previously govt. banned all sort of VSAT use in order to stop illegal VOIP use.

I wrote a blog showing the reason why decision to ban VSAT was wrong. But unfortunately wordpress removed my that blog site as I violated some of its terms and conditions by placing some ads. Anyway, in Bangladesh we have only one submarine cable. And this line gets cut off too often. As we don’t have back up submarine cable, we have to depend on VSATs. Now most ISP uses VSAT as backup line. Now think about what would happen if there was no VSAT to back the submarine cable. Entire country would be disconnected from internet and rest of the world.

So unbanning the VSATs was a good decision from government. Government should take another good decision about bringing another submarine cable to minimize the load of current submarine cable.

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