Repairing Crumbling Wall With Lego


Have you ever thought of fixing your house’s broken wall with Lego? or have you even think of decorating your room with creative wall made of Lego? may be you have or may be you haven’t. But Jan Vourmann did . Jan is a German artist and he has spent last three years traveling the world and repairing crumbling walls and monuments with Lego. 26 years old Jan has taken his project from its humble beginnings at an art fair in Rome and brightened up thousands of people’s days with his brightly colored plastic Lego. His fixing doesn’t have architectural value but surely has lots of artistic value. Some of his creative fixing is shared below. Look at pictures below and see how creatively he did this job.
Mr Vormann said: “My favourite work was done in Berlin. I filled in the holes still left by guns and shrapnel from the Second World War. That drew people’s attention to the Lego and hopefully they would ask themselves why the Lego was there”

A post office entrance in the West Village, New York (Look at lower right corner of the picture)

His lego art fills up cracks in the region of Sabina, Italy, as part of the contemporary art festival

Lego fills up the cracks in the walls of Yaffo in Tel Aviv, Israel

An obvious hole in the wall at Penn Station, New York, is filled with Lego bricks (Look at the lower side of the brown wall)

Holes left by World War Two bullet and shrapnel holes in Berlin are filled with Lego

More bullet and shrapnel holes in Berlin

Sabina in Italy

Jan Vormann repairs the cracked walls of the Institute for Achitecture ARCAM in Amsterdam

Courtesy:  Froopki


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