Old Blog 1: what shuld I write about

What should I write about? There is so many things happened in last few days. Should I write about the awesome moments at YES!’s room or the things happened to me in Marketing 460 and Management 314 group. Should I write about first anniversary of NSU Bashundhara Campus or my upcoming busy schedule in next week? But I thing I should write about Football World cup.

In few hours FIFA World Cup 2010 going to unveil itself after four years.  People calls it greatest show on Earth. Don’t know about whole world but I should say whole Bangladesh is shaking in football fever.  I have seen thousands of flags in the buildings and cars of Dhaka city. In every area there are flags of participating countries. No I should say flags of Brazil & Argentina. Of course there are some other flags but they are too few to talk about.

These two countries, Brazil & Argentina, have successfully divided us in to two groups which AL & BNP was unable to do. I saw a family who are divided into two group.  Son is supporting Argentina, Father and daughter are supporting Brazil. As son said Argentina is the best team ever, his dinner was suspended by his father for two nights. 😛 I hope my mother won’t do that kind of thing to me (I support Argentina and she supports Brazil).

Well what I wanted say was we, Brazil & Argentina supporters, are placing our favorite countries flag. We are competing with others about the number of flags. But it’s a matter of shame that we don’t place these much flag of our country in special days. In International Language day, in Independence day or Victory day, we don’t want to wave our flag. It’s a matter of shame for us.

Another thing to say. Load shedding have increased last few days. I’m facing load shedding after each one hour. According to news papers it will continue few more days.  I’m thinking whether IPS sellers made any kind of deal with DESCo. DESCo should increase the load shedding so people who are victim of World Cup fever will be worried about the football matches and they will try to purchase IPS as soon as possible. It will increase there sell.

It’s tough to say which country will win the World Cup. But my wishes will be for every country participating in this tournament.  And another request to everyone. Take this tournament only as a game. Don’t do anything stupid or be serious for it. Last time I was there was a fight between Argentine supporters and Brazilian Supporters. Some people got injured in the fight.  Please don’t do anything like this. If any of the country wins, they won’t do anything for you. Don’t take your dedication to your favorite team that high which will result hurting your friends. Good luck to everyone and get well from the football fever soon. 😛

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