Old Blog 10 : NSU organized 3 day International Conference on Knowledge Globalization

North South University (NSU) held 3 day international conference in its own campus in Boshundhara, Dhaka. The conference was on Knowledge Globalization. It was jointly-organized by North South University, Dhaka, Sufflok University, Boston, USA and Knowledge Globalization Institute, USA.

NSU Young Entrepreneurs Society (YES!) provided logistic support to the conference. All YES! member had to work hard during the conference. As I’m a member of YES!, I also volunteered in the conference.

It was a great experience working the conference. I attended different sessions on different interesting topics. I learned lots of things. also felt sleepy in some boring sessions. 😛

But beside working and attending the conference I had some fun too. It was really interesting  working with YES! members. We YES! members made a good friend with Jacob who have come from Toronto, Canada to attend the conference.

Wearing formal dress in each day was a little bit problem. But made it through. I also had a good lesson of corporate life. 😛

The conference was a great success. But We had to forget the memories because we had to start thinking about our advising for summer,10 semester.

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