Old Blog 13: Fire and Fall

Last few days are very shocking days for Bangladeshis. Specially for People from Dhaka.  First Govt. Banned Facebook, Than student was run over by truck,  Building collapsed in Begunbari, Dhaka. And now Fire at Puran Dhaka.

In Begunbari a five-storey building toppled at one of its sides completely off its base. The building had fallen on a number of tin-shed shanties. This incident caused the death of many people. 25 people was confirmed as dead before the rescue  operations were halted on Thursday morning. (source : www.bdnews24.com). Before getting over from this incident another terrible accident took place in Puran dhaka.

I’m really shocked to describe this accident. An electric transformer  burst into flames from an electric short-circuit soon after a rainstorm swept the city, The explosion set light a shop storing flammable chemicals. The flames spread fast to six apartment buildings and about 15 stores in Najirabazar, feeding on flammable chemicals and plastic goods in a string of small shops lining the street beneath. Number of dead people is increasing in every moment. 117 people died and this number will  increase.

People who died in this accident are buried today at Azimpur graveyard right after Zuma prayer. This is the largest number of people buried together in  Azimpur graveyard in last 38 years. After the freedom fight, this is the largest number of people buried there at a time.

Besides the lots of death, many people got injured too. Many people got admitted in the burn unit of Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH). Our Prime minster and opposition party chairperson visited the fire victims. Govt. announced Saturday for national mourning.

It’s really shocking time for us. Lots of mishaps are going on right now. But we have to be strong. We need to find out the reason behind those accidents. I think these incidents took place due to unplanned city development and unplanned building construction. It’s high time to fix these problems before another incident like earthquake takes place.

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