Old Blog 14: Victory!

Beginning of a new semester in NSU means it’s time for war. A war of Advising. Every students of NSU has to fight this advising war. Those who are involved with NSU, you know how painful  is this war. And those who don’t know about this war, let me give you a snap of this war. Not in picture but in words. Because here picture doesn’t talks much.

Anyway, Suppose a new semester is coming. So you have to take some courses. Suppose you want to take 4 courses. So you choose at least 8 courses to have options. And when you come out from advising room, you got 1 course or may be not even 1. Why? because all sections are full, you didn’t get desired faculty, or the time of the class is not good one, or the time clashes with another course. See, this is why you don’t get any course.

So you think this is the war? not really. This is the starting of the war. Real war begins when you go for re-advising. You won’t get any BBA  student who have never done re-advising.  It’s a must war that you have to fight in your NSU life.

Talking about re-advising, I remember my first semester in NSU. One faculty gave me a course of different department. So I went to BBA office to drop the course. I had to stand 3 days in line to go inside the BBA director’s office. and eventually i did. There are many other memories related to advising I can share here. But I think all NSU students have the same memories. If you are not an NSU student, just ask one. The memory that I shared here was back in  January 2008. As the number of student increased from that period, It is becoming more  and more impossible to do the re-advising.

I have done my advising in 12th may. And as usual I didn’t got any courses. So I went to re-advise my courses yesterday.  I went to NSU at 9 ‘o clock.  What I saw was around 150 students standing in the line for re-advising.  And the number kept increasing as time passed.  When I left NSU at 10 pm, I saw around 100 students waiting for re-advising.

By 10 PM. I was done with re-advising. After fighting morning to night, I won the advising war. Got LAW200. (AMU), MKT337.4 (IJS), MKT460.2 (TBA), MGT314.7 (TBA).  Happy with this courses, timing, faculty. Thanks to Juthika, Rumman vai for helping me out. Also thanks to Szm sir for giving me the chance to add LAW200.2 & MKT337.4 just in time.

So I’m done with advising war. I can take rest until 17th may. All classes will start from 18th may. From 18th may, we, NSU students, have to start a new journey .  A journey that will last for around 4 months.

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