Death: End or Beginning of life

It was back in January 2009. Me and My family was having a very bad time. Bad time because we were losing some familiar faces. We got about 15 different death news in closest possible time. With a tensed mind I wrote this Blog. As I was an active blogger in Prothom-aloblog, I posted it there. Luckily we didn’t get any death news in another 6/7 months. I totally forgot about this post. But recent incidents like Building collapse at Begunbari and Fire ar Puran dhaka remind me of this post.  The post is given as it was first posted except little update for re-posting it here).

“Few days back I got almost 15 death news. All of them was from my and friends’ family. All news was coming right one after one. It made me feel horrible. I was thinking who will be the next person going to die? But it also made me wonder if death is really the end of life?

Generally if you see, you will find that death is the end of life. Yeah that’s a great true. But in some case it’s not true. I guess my words are becoming contradictory. But as I’m trying to find the true meaning of death, I have consider both. Well, Islam says that you will be given life once again in justice day. You will be punished or rewarded according to performance in this world. Islam also says that you will have an immortal life after you die. That means you will not die anymore. So you can see that after death you will be alive once again and will have an immortal life.

Again you will see that Hindu religion says, after your death you will be sent  back to this world once again. If you work for good in your first life, second time your life will be much more smooth. But if do wrong in first life, you will led a miserable life in second one. So you can see it also tries to show that death is not an end to life.

If picture is the only way to capture time than I’ll say death is the only way to capture your age. You see when a person dies, everyone remembers him exactly at the age when he died. Others grow older but he remains at his death age. I think you all know about Peter Pan. Peter was a real person though it wasn’t his actual name. After many years of his death, his brother or someone from his family found out that Peter is living in there mind and not  growing older. He is living at the age he died. Than he created the character Peter Pan who never grew older and live in everyone’s mind.

So if people remember you after death you will be not only immortal but also in constant age. But if they don’t remember you, you will be history. But still it doesn’t mean that it has come to an end. You will survive in a history that will be looked by none. Only problem is that you will grow older and nobody will remember you.

If you see you will find that people believes that when a person dies, he become a ghost or a shinning star in sky. They keep coming again and again to this world. Again death is not an end.

Now I believe that death is not an end to life. It’s just a transformation process. Transformation to a greater life. It’s beginning to a new life; a life that will never end. But question arises, “why people fears death?”

Well, not everyone fears death. They take it as certain part of life.  They are heroes and they are ready to sacrifice their life for others.  Then why others fear death? It’s because people always fear that what is unknown. You  will see nobody exactly knows what will happen after death (not in spiritual scene. every religion tells you about afterlife).

No living organism have the experience of death before dying . When you will get the experience, you can’t tell others. According to my thought, people fears death as the experience of death is still a mystery.”

So what is death? end or beginning of another life? well, the answer depends how you see it. If you are thinking spiritually & philosophically, then there is no end of life. Death is a transformation process to a new & immortal life.  But if you are thinking realistically, then death is the end of life. But it is also a transformation process. After your death when you will be buried, you will be transformed into soil.

Still feeling sorry for the people died in the fire at Puran Dhaka and the people who are alive with burned body. Govt. said approx 120 people died. But according to local people, the number of people died is close to 200

(source : Bashir Hussain, Faculty, school of business, North South University). May Allah  place their departed soul in Haven. Amen

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