battle in 12 hours!

It’s 12.15am in my watch. Only 12 hours left before  the 15 min battle. Yeah!, I’m talking about the advising. It’s a terrible experience for every NSUers. Moreover this advising is the most lengthy advising in NSU history. We also heard about some change in the system. So everyone is anxious about for this advising.

I’m planning to take MKT465, FIN340/435, BUS401/ECO244, POL101/PSY101. but I’m having a great problem. Almost every sections which I want to take for theses courses are in MW and in between 9:40-11:20. so I have figure out the alternatives. It appears I’ve to sacrifice faculty for class time. Don’t know what will do tomorrow. None of my friends are taking the courses I’m taking. May be I’ll be alone this semester. I hope  to see some of my links and familiar faces in my classes. Pray for me guys. I’ll tell my advising experience tomorrow.

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