Hello Again!!

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Hey there! Hello Again!!

I’m writing this blog after a short break. I was having my semester break. Wanted to have break from everything else too..:P . Besides I wasn’t feel like writing anything.. Today was the last day of semester break and suddenly I got the feeling to write something. Beside one of my friend asked me to write about last few days…so here I’m writing again!

After almost one and half month semester break University is re-opening tomorrow. Soon everyone will get back to their busy university life.  Faculties will make the life of students hell with Quizzes, Midterms, Projects & Presentations. And Lets all say Hello again to the bamboo that NSU is giving us in every semester.

Talking about the pain from NSU, I recalled the pain I got during the advising for this semester. Advising process of North South University was painful as always. But this time it crossed it’s all records. I had to say hello again to the painful advising process as it’s a required process for semester to begin. In this semester we saw the most lengthy advising  in NSU history. Advising started on 29th of August and my advising was in 6th of September. I had to wait a week for advising. It kept tensed about the courses and section I wanted to take. It was because NSU wasn’t giving us any update about it. Eventually I didn’t get desired sections but I managed to get my desired courses with good timing.

Even though I got desired courses and good class timing, I had to go for re-advising and say hello again. I waited approx. 8 hours and till 10pm to get 5th course. I also witnessed how girls get priority for advising. We hear about discrimination to females but during my advising process I witnessed discrimination toward males.

Till now I needed to retake 4 courses. From this semester I’ve started to retake courses. It is high time to say Hello Again to those old courses. Time to study them once again.

University re-opening tomorrow. Hope to see you all again tomorrow.  I think we all missed the Gallery, Library, Lounges, Cafeteria & the class rooms. Because they are the part of our university life. They will be with you for next 3 months. So we just say hello again to these old friends…..:)

Take care everyone. Wish you a great semester.

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