Test for Patience

Patience is one of the great virtues. From the childhood we were taught to keep patience all the time. But it’s really hard to be patient all the time. If you want to know how patient you can be, then take the test I suggest. I think the biggest test for patience is teaching a kid. You may not believe me but let me tell you why I think it so.

I was teaching my 6 years old niece this evening. Her mother, my sister, was busy with younger niece and requested to take care of my elder niece’s study. Teaching someone is not new for me. But I’ve never taught any 5/6 years kid. I started with Bengali literature. She was required to learn a 4 line poem. I told her to read the poem several times. But it took her about 5 min to read the whole poem. It’s not because she can’t read. She can read but she didn’t have concentration. After reading a line she starts playing. And because I’m too friendly with her I couldn’t tell her anything. But i kept insisted her to study. Then suddenly she asked my why I’m disturbing her and mind on my own study. I was speechless. But I kept patient and told her to study. after 30 min. she said she was done with poem. Then I asked her to write is twice and she gave me an angry look.  I was surprised but yet enjoyed it. She wrote the poem twice and it took her more than 20 mins. After one and a half hour (from 7pm to 8:30 pm) I successfully taught her a 4 line poem. I was happy but she wasn’t. Her mom requested me to test me her word meaning.  I gave er 15 words to write their meanings. But she refused to write more than 10 word meanings. But it took nearly 30 mins to write 7 word meanings. No, she knew everything but she didn’t want to study anymore tonight. She kept breaking pencil nips, drinking waters and doing other stuffs. Then suddenly i lost patience. I went to her mom and said ” i quit. I can’t teach her.” I was happy because I don’t have to teach my niece but my niece was more happy. My niece loves to study with her mom because she listens everything my niece says. Looks like she has more patience than me.

So now I believe best way to test your patience is to teach a kid (if possible teaching my niece) . Also it’s the best way to achieve patience. If you guys want to test your patience or want to achieve patience, start teaching a 5/6 years old kid.

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