The most confusing exam I’ve encountered!

When you are done with an exam, you know how you did in the exam. It could be very good, Very bad or average. At least you are not confused about it. But I was after my exam today.

Today I had my “Investment Theory” (FIN435) first midterm exam. My faculty made everything so clear that I didn’t have to study much. But still I  revised what my faculty taught us in class and practiced some Problems on calculating Required Rate of Return (RRR) and Standard deviation between RRR & ERR. I also practiced math on Cash Trading, Merchant Trading, Short Sale etc. But I forgot to practice maths on prediction with Bloom’s formula. Also in the morning, before exam time, I reviewed some of the terms with some of my classmates. So, I was satisfied with my preparation.

When the exam started, I didn’t find the math problem hard, though I was little confused about the theoretical part. But Still I was ok with those and finished my exam before time.

When I was submitting my script, I was sure that my exam was great. But when I stepped out of the exam room, I figured that I’ve made a mistake in a T/F which will cost me two marks.  And still I was OK with that. Later, when exam was over, I talked with my friends and other classmates about the exam and answers to the questions.  I found I have made a mistake in bloom’s formula. I was upset for that. But I was surprised when everyone was telling how they solved the problems in exam and everyone is different from others. None of us had a common answer. Everyone solved the problem in their own way and come up with explanation about it.

I’m very confused about the exam. I believe  I was right in the exam. But unfortunately no one is accepting my explanation. I don’t know if my answers are right or not. I Can’t understand how was my exam. This is the most confusing exam I’ve encountered with. Hope I’ll get out of this confusion soon because I’m not liking the confusion.

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