Fun time is over….

Once again advising time have come. Although it sounds like simple thing but in fact it consists info collecting, planning and then finally selecting the courses. You see, it seems like full of excitement but actually it is full of anxiety.

Last few hours I was busy in asking others about the courses they are planning to take and answering their questions about the courses I’m taking. In the early period this was our process of selecting courses. But now looks like it have become our habit. Even though we know our courses won’t match, we keep asking others the same question again and again. Almost similar thing happens after the advising. Only difference is we ask about what courses others took and with which faculty. We keep asking and answering these questions till the middle of semester.

If you have read my earlier posts in this blog, then you may already know why we, NSUers,are always tensed about advising. In case you don’t know, let me explain it to you. Let say I’m planning to take 4 courses and I have 7 courses as options before you enter in the advising room. And when you get out of the advising room, you have only 2 courses. It’s because all sections have filled up or new sections clashes with other courses. So when you have only two courses, you have to go for re-advising. This is the most painful part of advising process.

So when we say advising time has come, in fact means re-advising time have come. And re-advising time means fun time is over. Congrats to those who have done with advising and good luck to others who are yet to do advising like I do.

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