Confusion: which course to take…:(

For the first time in my NSU life, I’m confused about taking courses. I have only few courses left. By summer semester I’ll finish all these courses. It’s ironic that I didn’t face this problem in last 9 semesters but facing this problem when I have only couple of semester left.

Two semester earlier I had planned out which courses to take in which semester for my remaining semesters. Everything went according to the plan till the last semester. But this semester I’m facing hard time is selecting courses. Sections I select are either full, have odd class time or time clashes with other section. Because I have only few courses left, I don’t have much of option. Earlier I made some combinations with easy courses and hard courses for each semester. but this semester I can have either all easy courses or all hard courses. So far I took MKT412, MGT489, SOC101 & BUS401. The section of SOC101 need to be changed. And I’m confused about selecting courses between BUS401 or MKT470. If I take mkt470, I’ll complete my marketing major. If I take BUS401, I’ll complete all the core courses. Again if I take BUS401, all the courses I have to take in next semester will have big projects.

Re-advising is the only solution for my problem. So I went to get re-advised today. But unfortunately it solved only half of my problem. Looks like I have to go for re-advising once again. But before that I have to fix which courses I will take this semester. 🙁


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