End of Mighty February!!

Today is the last day of mighty February (by the time I’ll finish this post, the day will be already over). You might think why I called February “Mighty”. International Mother Language day was this month but it is not the reason. I called it mighty because so many important or interesting things happened to me through out this month.

Let me start with field trip with YES! . It was my last field trip with YES! and any kind of tours under the banner of North South University. That means  I have finished one part of my university life have already. 🙁 [more about the field trip will be in future post]

Then it was the month of break! we got about 5 day break in the middle of the month. This break was blessings for me because I was literally stressed out with quizzes and assignments. Talking about the break reminds me occasion of the break. It was for the Inauguration ceremony of ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 in Bangladesh, inauguration match of World cup and the  language martyr day[also the  International Mother Language day].

As I was saying, inauguration ceremony was held in Dhaka. It was because Bangladesh is one of the co-hosts of this world cup.  This is the first time Bangladesh is hosting World Cup. Now, I had an opportunity to watch and be a part of history of Bangladesh cricket. I couldn’t go to the first math but I went to watch Bangladesh vs Ireland match. I saw how Bangladesh team beat the Ireland team and started the winning round. It was very exciting match  and I enjoyed every moments of it.

I have started writing small poems in this months. It’s not new for me but I actually never shared them with others. But this time I am writing it on Facebook Note and sharing it with others.

The most important thing happened was my friend Sifat’s farewell party. On 26th we old friends got together had a party before Sifat leaves the country.  And I also missed last the opportunity to stay over at Sifat’s place. I wanted to stay but I didn’t have the option to stay. Anyway, It was a great party. We sure will miss Sifat. I think I already started to miss him…:(

There are few other things happened this month…like I threw a surprise party on my sister’s birthday, I missed any quiz for the first time in NSU life.

Also, for the first time, I had more than 200 visitor in this month. It is the highest number of viewers of my blog in a particular area. Last month it was 187.

In February, so many things happened for the first time or for the last time. So I have nothing to call it except “Mighty February”.

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