Journey with Sifat

It was a winter morning back in 2003. Most probably it was November or December. I was waiting at the exam desk and taking mental preparation for the admission test at Dhaka Residential Model College (DRMC).  The weather was cold, my hands were frozen and I was shivering. Then suddenly I saw Sifat and that was the time when I first met him. Though I hardly think Sifat can remember that day. He was laughing with others, having fun before the exam. I wondered how can he not be tensed about the exam and how can he get along with others that easily. One thing I understood he is too friendly in nature and I wished if he were my friend. And I’m grateful to almighty that we became friends.

At DRMC, there were 37 or 38 students in our class. As time went out we all become family. I’m sure till now we were the naughtiest batch in DRMC history. But even in 38 family members, Murad and Samrat were my closest ones. we did things together,  always use to hang out after coaching.  These were the best moments of my life.  And at the class Sifat was one of the class clowns. I can recall so much things happened  with Sifat in class. I couldn’t understand when Sifat, Samrat & I became friends.

After we passed SSC exam our family of 38 members kept shrinking. And by the time we appeared for HSC exam, it became less than 10. That period Zobir, Abid, Shuvo & Ricky joined with us and we made our circle. After that this circle become my base. The base where I can share my feelings and emotions. Even though we had 7 members of our circle, Sifat was the center. We did lots of things together in circle. We had tours, parties, hangouts. night stays. Name any thing we did, Sifat was in each of those.  In fact he was the one made those things funny and enjoyable. His words, actions, thoughts are most common practiced in our circle.

And now he is leaving the country. We already started to miss him after we returned from Kuakata tour, knowing that he will not be with us in our next tours. We had his farewell party at his place at the beginning of this week. And last night we had a get together as we knew that he will leave in less that 24 hours. It was fun till the end. But when he embraced us and said goodbye, none of us could hold the tears.  I didn’t cry is last 8 to 10 years. I didn’t cry even when my grandparents died. I always were strong enough to hold it. but at that moment I couldn’t stop myself.

We didn’t want to say goodbye to sifat like that way. So tonight we went to Airport to see him off. This time we were strong enough to control our emotion. At 7 pm we said our farewell to Sifat and said our wishes.  After that we stayed at Airport railway station for two hours remembering our days with Sifat and fixing our next plans. One thing we became sure about and that Sifat’s absence will be filled with his memories, words and thoughts that we know and commonly practice in our circle.

I always loved you, Sifat. It’s not just because your home were near mine or we had similar interest on computer tech, it’s because you were a brother to me. I sure will miss you, Sifat. But as long as  every one of our circle is alive, you will always be with us. I don’t know when and in what place we will you again. But I wish that you do prosper. Hope to see you become successful. Best of luck, man! Just remember, You were always with us, are with us and will be with us.


[i was bit emotional while writing this post. so I apologize for any kind of mistakes and unnecessary words.]

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