2 possible accidents in 15 minutes

It was 7:30 in the yesterday morning. I was going to Shamoli bus station by rickshaw . I was on my way to North South University. The road was almost empty. Then suddenly the rickshaw just jumped forward. Though it was about to fall to the left but I managed to balance it ( thanks to my weight :P). Then I looked back to see what just happened. What I found was a car (later found it was a Corrola X) which hit the rickshaw i was riding on. Fortunately the car was at slow speed and stopped instantly. I looked at the driver and surprisingly he was looking even more nervous than me.  There were another  another person in the car who was giving instructions to the driver. So I understood  the driver was learning how to drive. He peeped through the car window and said sorry. In the mean time, rickshaw puller checked for any kind of damage in the rickshaw. Though nothing happened to the rickshaw, rickshaw puller almost went violent. I was in hurry so I had to stop him and let the car go. As the car passed the rickshaw, the puller threw some slang words after it. And for next few minutes he convicted me for letting the car go.

10 minutes later I was close to Bus station and waiting to cross the road. I was standing there for couple of minutes and looking for an opportunity to cross the road. Another person was standing beside me. I think he was a student as he was carrying a bag in his back. He seemed to be in hurry like me. In one point a car slowed down a little bit and we got down in the road and stood before it. In the next lane a Bus was coming at high speed. So I stopped where I were but that person or the student didn’t seem to watch that bus. He continued trying to cross the road. I understood that he wont make it before the bus hit him. So I caught his bag and pulled him back. In next few moments bus passed us keeping its high speed. If I didn’t pull him back he would have died or at least got injured. He thanked me for saving his life(and following our natural habit, I gave him some advice.. 😛 ). People who were crossing the road with us started saying that it was bus driver‘s fault. But none seemed to think that it were our fault. Instead of waiting for the signal we jumped at the road as soon as we got a chance.

In a difference of around 15 minutes, I witnessed two possible road accidents.  Looks like we are being careless while on road.

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