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I can’t remember when is the last time I published a post. There had been a huge gap in my writing. The reason in obvious. It’s none other than North South University (NSU). In my earliest posts I might have said that “having busiest semester” or “having the greatest amount of pressure”. But those are nothing compared to this semester. This semester is the most hectic semester I have faced at NSU.

With Service Marketing, Business Ethics, Strategic Management, Finance and Sociology course, I designed this semester. From the day I planned the courses to take, I knew that I’ll be under stream roller throughout the semester. Because I have to submit a term paper in each of this course. more over there are multiple presentations & case solving activities in each course.

I managed to pull things off till the 2nd mid-term exam. But from the beginning of this April, thing became more harder on me. I got only 5 days break in my schedule throughout the month. But the semester is very close to the end. Today is the last class of the semester. Final exam will start soon (though some faculties already started to take final exam). by 25 everyone will be done with their final exam. I have seen few friends who are planning to go on vacation right after their exam is finished. But even though I will be done with final exam by 20th April, my semester will not end. I will have to be work on 3 projects (MKT412, BUS401, MGT489) and then presentation through 25th to 29th. And then again make the corrections in the term paper and re-submit it. I won’t be able to escape from this pressure before the 30th April.

Each day passes make me happy to think semester is close to the end. But at the same time it make me feel bad. Because this semester is the last semester at NSU for some of my friends. Mobashra is one of them. It feels really hard to think that we won’t have any classes together, or hang around in the campus together. Most of all we won’t be able to see each other again regularly. They will get busy leading their life, I’ll be with mine. Well, this is how our life works. But I’m sure that our friendship will remain unchanged, and remain forever.

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