half done!

At last I’m done with my final exams.From the 9th to 20th of this April, I had to attend in 5 final exams. Among them one was take home final. Also I had to attend classes till 15th of the April. It was really hard for me to maintain everything.

Every Exam was damn hard. But compare to other courses, Sociology course was easiest. But yet I had to cover 5 chapters. 2nd final exam was of “Strategic Management” (MGT489) on 16th April. This is the toughest final I had to face this semester. I had to cover 18/19 chapters and 14  cases just for the final. These 14 cases was totaled 140/150 pages. And to cover all chapters and read all the cases I got only one and a half day. During this time I was able to cover all the chapters and only 2 small cases. But thanks to my group members who came up with the idea of assigning particular cases to particular members and then sharing the case summaries. It was an effective idea.And from this process, I got somewhat of overall idea. I was happy with my preparation but Mobashra made me understood that my preparation wasn’t enough. She literally wake me up from sleep and made me  to read. Also she discussed every cases with me and made me understood all of it. Thanks to Mobashra, because only for her effort, I was able to do well in the exam.

just after a day (18th) I had my 3rd final exam. This one was “Service Marketing” (MKT412) exam. Again I had to cover 5 chapters. Don’t want to say anything about the exam. but it wasn’t that bad.

And today (20th April) I was due for two final exams. One of them was take home final and another one was “introduction to finance” (FIN254). I finished the take home final last night. But couldn’t prepare for the FIN254 exam. As I was almost done with Finance major and retaking this basic course, I had nothing to worry about. I just went through few chapters. This morning I practiced few maths. My FIN exam went extremely well. Also I finished 1 and half hour exam in just 55 minutes. And then I submitted my take home final.

So this end the final exam part. But I’m still not done with the semester. In fact I am only half done. Still I have to deal with 3 projects and presentations. These projects and presentations carries more than 50% weight of my grads. So here begins the Battle Part 2. ……

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