Finally It's over!

It’s over! It’s over!! It’s finally over! 111 semester is finally over. I can’t really believe it’s finally over. The thought of “done with this semester” making me happy and laugh like a mad.

Starting of 111 semester was great. I took 5 courses but  there was no pressure till the second midterm exam. but then it became hard on me. Just before the April, I found that I have only 4/5 days without any kind of exam, quizzes, project submission, presentations or any kind of exams.

Exams were scheduled till 20th April. In general, semester break starts right after the final exam. But this time it wasn’t the case. I had 3 project submission & 1 case submission in consecutive days. First the MKT 412 (Service Marketing) project submission, Second BUS 401 (Business Ethics)  project submission, the MGT 489 (Strategic Management) case presentation & Finally MGT 489 Project submission. All these were scheduled from 25-29th of April.

It was really hard for me to work in 3 different projects at the same time. I can recall on 24th of April, I set in front of the PC at 6am and worked till 2am. This wasn’t just for day. Everyday I had to work till the late night during those project submission days. But finally I’m through with all those projects & presentations. Thanks to my group members for their cooperation, help & support.

As I said earlier, my very first project was of Service Marketing (MKT 412). For our project we selected Spitfire restaurant Dhaka at Gulshan 2. We visited the restaurant & had some meal. And then we did a service report on the restaurant. We were able to finish it up by 1 day. And thanks to Reaz for doing most of it. Other group members were Prottoy, Fahad, Fayeed & Fareez.

Business Ethics (BUS 401) was something different. We had to do some survey on emergency medical care of hospital  for the project. My group selected Bangladesh Medical College as it was closest hospital . We all group member went there and did some survey but most of the survey was done on phone. Zahid & Khushboo handled the project well.They dis most of the parts. All I can say that if they weren’t there, I might not be able to finish the report. My other two group members Jibon & Tanveer were there too. They also had great contribution in the project.

Finally the Strategic Management course with which I was busy during the period. Mobashra, Leon, Tonni, Nishat & Sakib was my group members. Each were unique in their own way. Sakib is the most unusual one with special ability. He is really awesome with search engine. He kept collecting kinds of projects & information related to our projects or might be helpful about the project. For this ability, we started to call him our Search Engine.

Today I, along with my BUS 401 & MGT 489 group members, resubmitted the project and ma’am accepted it. That means we are done with all our projects & presentations. And that means our semester break finally came. Everyone is already enjoying the break but till today we were busy with projects. But now we are free too.

Ending of the semester means it’s time for grade. I got only one grade of my five courses. I’m waiting to find out what my grades will be. I certainly have high expectations about the grade as I give the most effort in my whole university life during this semester.

And one thing is my MGT489 grade will be greatly contributed by Mobashra. She called me at the midnight and make me study 14 cases. Not just that, she also made to understood all the cases. And that was great help for next day’s exam. She also helped me & provided mental support throughout the semester. But I really feel sad just thinking that she won’t be with me from next semester. She won’t be around in the campus. Because she will be doing her intern in the upcoming semester. Don’t know how to put in words but I’ll miss her.

So I’m done with 111 semester. Now it’s time to take some rest. And the first plan is to sleep all day long. Tomorrow I’m going to execute the plan. Those who are reading this blog, if you are in semester break, wish you a nice break. If you are not in the break, try to have one. BREAK IS AWESOME!! 😀

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