Morning doesn't always show the day!

There is the proverb “morning shows the day” which means people can get an idea about how the day will go by observing the morning condition. This might be true but it doesn’t happen always. Or else how could be the day be like this when I had a great morning.

I woke up in the morning with Rinky’s phone call. We talked about 15 minutes. Then she went to hospital to see her father. Her father had heart problem and was admitted there for last two days. First he was kept ICU and then CCU. When his condition improved yesterday afternoon, he was shifted to general ward. But today morning his condition become worse and shifted back to CCU. Rinky didn’t know that her father was shifted back to CCU until she visited the hospital.

Hearing about her fathers condition, I advised her to have patience and be strong. One hour later she called me to tell that doctors couldn’t find neither his father’s pulse not the blood pressure. She was panicking and had an anxious voice. Her voice made me worried. One hour later, I sent her a text message to know the situation. She replied that her father is no more in this world. It was great shock to me. I didn’t expect this news. I couldn’t think that the person who was improving his condition one day earlier is no longer alive just few hours later. I immediately called her but she didn’t pick up. I sent her several text messages trying to say condolence. From that moment I couldn’t communicate with her.

Fortunately I adder her two friends in facebook two days back. I found that one of her friend,Ivy, was online in the Facebook. So I requested her to keep me updated and stand beside Rinky for me. Ivy indeed kept me updated. She let me know that her brother is flying back to home from Dubai. She also let me know the condition of Rinky & her family members. Ivy told me that Rinky’s father’s ‘Namaz-e-Janaza’ will he held after her brother arrives in tomorrow morning and then he will be buried.

I already said that I couldn’t communicate with Rinky whole day. I tried to reach her two or three times but later I gave up trying. I wanted to talk to her but I didn’t know what to say & how to comfort her. I also didn’t know when is the good time to call her. I guess I’ll call her soon enough. Whole day I felt bad for her loss. I know she is even more depressed than me which is only logical.

You might think who is Rinky, why I’m feeling bad for her  & why didn’t I go personally to comfort her. Let me answer that. Rinky is my girlfriend & that’s why I’m feeling bad for her loss. And why didn’t I go? Well, because I don’t have the opportunity to go. Rinky lives in Chittagong & I live in Dhaka. Besides no one knows me there. Also there were several other reasons which I don’t want to discuss here. I wish right now I were there to comfort her, to support her. I pray that her beloved father’s departed soul rest in peace and may Allah bless his soul.

It was a wonderful morning but at the end it turned into a very sad day for me & Rinky’s family. Even though people says “morning shows the day” but in this case, it didn’t. Thanks for reading this post and please pray that almighty Allay put Rinky’s father in haven and her  family can turn this loss into strength (Amin).

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