Love you, mom!

Dear Mom,

I know I always has been a bad child. I don’t listen to you, don’t do what you want me to do. I disobeyed your every word. From the very moment of my birth, I got into your bone. I never gave you a chance to leave me alone for a minute. I kept crying until and unless you take care of me.

Mom, I always liked to prefer my way instead of your suggestion & advice. I always come home late without informing you. I keep you waiting for me with dinner until I come home. I hang out with friends instead of giving you some time.

Mom, do you remember forcing me to study? You wanted me to study hard. but what I used to do? I used to sleep. You wanted me to sleep in the afternoon for a while. But I always prefer to play in that time.  I like to stay awake till late night. And you keep yelling trying to send me to bed. Some time that works and some time doesn’t.

I make you irritated every moment when I’m at home. I never make my bed. You do that for me. I keep my room in total mess. You take your time to clean the mess. I keep poking you about different things even though I’m fully aware of it. Because I love to irritate you.

But even after that you take care of me. I saw you had sleepless night when I was in trouble. You try every possible way to pull me out of the trouble.  You manage father when I do something wrong. You spend sleepless night when I’m sick. You really care for a spoiled child like me.

Mom, I don’t know if you know how much I love you. I am grateful to you for having me. I am grateful to you for being my mom. Mom, I irritate you because i love to see someone care for me. I irritate you because that’s how I express my love for you. Unfortunately, you will not read this letter (because I won’t show you). Even I will not say I love you. Because, mom, I know you too can feel my love. And you know that my love for you is not just  for today. My love is for every moments of life. Thank you mom, thank you for everything….

Disobedient child

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