Eid Mubarak!!!

Eid Mubarak
Image by Iqbal Khatri via Flickr

Eid-ul-Fitr have come! After month-long fasting Eid have brought us the opportunity to celebrate the happiness and joy with friends, family and relatives. Eid is most enjoyable if it is celebrated with the family.

When I was young, I used to go to say eid prayer holding my father’s hand. He used to buy me different stuffs like toy gun, balloon and flute. On my way to home, To me, it is the most enjoyable part of the Eid.

Though EID brings happiness to everyone, there are few people who can’t take part in this celebration. These are poor men and the homeless children of the street. To them, Eid has no difference than any other day. It is said,  only happiness increase if you distribute to others. So we should or at least try to make them happy on this occasion.

I found different people and organizations are taking initiative for those people. one of the program I seen in facebook was Project EID TREAT organized by PDF – Physically-challenged Development Foundation. This is a student organization for social welfare. I am very much happy to see such initiative.

I have seen some personal initiative too. For example, Today I saw one of my friend standing in front of a shopping mall and looking for a hungry street child. He had a plan to buy some food for that child. Don’t know whether he have found or not but I liked his personal initiative.

If everyone come forward to help these poor peoples, our eid will be much more enjoyable. Together we can celebrate the EID in a better way. I wish EID will bring happiness to everyone and wash away all sufferings. Also wishing my greetings for everyone. EID MUBARAK!!

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