First Day at office

Today I joined in Eskayef Bangladesh Limited as Intern. I was supposed to join yesterday but for some reason I couldn’t. Anyway, It was my first day at Eskayef and in any organization.

I was instructed to arrive at the office before the office hour begins and I did so. But unfortunately I had to wait more than half an hour to meet with the General Manager of Finance Department. When he came, I instructed one of his subordinate to help me out and give a desk. After that I got a desk with a PC just with in 5 minutes. I was told to sit and rest for a while  but I was feeling uncomfortable. I was feeling kinda nervous and I didn’t know any employees. Then I went to person who is my supervisor. He is a very nice person. He talked with me for several minutes and then introduced me to all the employees of that office.

I found one fellow NSUer apu in that office. She entered in Eskayef as Intern but ended up having a job. She along with another apu gave me lots of advise and suggestions. They showed me what they do and how they do.

I sat at my desk for several minutes and later I roamed around the office for about an hour. I also tried to know how things are done here and who does what. But it’s not possible to know everything in a day.

I liked the office environment and the people of the office. My whole day was spent to know the people and the rules of the office. Didn’t do any official job today. Don’t know what sort of things would I do in future.  I just hope one thing and that is not to screw up things here…:P

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