Life of a Intern – Part 2: Noon after a week

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Ever since I started working as intern my lifestyle changed a lot. My life has become similar to the working people. Every morning I wake up with a rush. The rush is to prepare myself for the departure and to reach the office vehicle just in time. And by 9 am I have to reach to the office. I must say I enjoy the journey with my co-workers.

I have to from 9 in the morning to till 5:30 in the evening. In the mean time I get two tea break and launch break which totals for about 1 hour. I go to the canteen to have tea and the launch and canteen is the only place from where I can see sunlight. That means I can’t see the sun light other than this 1 hour. But I can’t enjoy the sun light and the outside view as I have to hurry to finish my launch or tea and make room for other employees.

Today I’m staying at home as it’s a national holiday. I was sitting at my veranda and realized that I have been busy for weeks and I didn’t see a noon in a week. Only parts of a day I can see are the morning and the evening.  It is like vampires who avoids daylight and come out when it’s night. Well I don’t want to avoid daylight but I am so stuck with my office that I don’t get the chance to get out and enjoy the daylight.

Today I enjoyed a quiet and sunny noon. Though it was warm, it seemed magnificent. I wonder whether I will get the change to enjoy daylight when I will work in my real job.

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