Waiting for your bright future…..

16th December of 1971. This was the day when you were born. It has been 40 years of your Birth. You were surrounded by death and blood when you were born. So much blood and so many lives had to  sacrifice to ensure your birth….to make you free….After fighting 9 months of war and enduring so much pain, our heroes were able to make you free. And the world learned the name ‘BANGLADESH‘ of a newborn country. Everyone knows what happened next.

Over these 40 years, lots of things happened to you.  We made you proud and yet we made you feel ashamed. You achieved so much and again you lost many things too. The most valuable thing you lost is your heroes. Heroes who saved you. Because they loved you more than their life. I am not telling people don’t love you. They do but no one loves or ever loved you like those heroes loved you.

It is said that one generation hands over the treasures to next generation. But our ancestor didn’t. They didn’t had over the heroes. That is why heroes are rare in our generation. Without heroes you couldn’t reach the destination where were supposed to be right now. Heroes who you have now are locked in darkness. Thy are not able to break through and rescue you.

You may become 40. That doesn’t mean you become older. You are still growing. Last 40 years might not go well. But it doesn’t mean your future is dark. your just need a hero. May be heroes whom we have will break through the darkness and come to rescue you. Or may be new hero will come to you. Will lead you to a bright future.

Happy Birthday Bangladesh.I am waiting for that day. The day when you will be glorified and respected by all.

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