Hats off to Tigers!!!!

what a match!!! what a show!!! I can tell no one expected the show before the match!!! It was good cricket from both team. India played really well. Specially Sachin Tendulkar. After long wait  he finally got his century of the international centuries. It is something that people can do often. Cricketers of current world can’t even think of this record. But little master did it and people will remember him a long time.

With Sachin’s contribution of 114, India reached to 289 run. That’s a very big score for and against any team.  It creates a pressure upon opponent team and makes it very difficult to chase. I must confess that I was little disappointed at this point however I didn’t lose hope.

Although there was huge pressure on Bangladesh team, but they kept their cool. After being defeated in a winning match against Pakistan, Bangladesh team played well came back in the tournament. Tamin, Jahir, Nasir, Shakib, Mushfiq everyone played well. When the match was about to slip away, Shakib came to bat. With his wonderful innings of 49 run in 31 ball changed the momentum to Bangladesh. But hopes was fading when the asking run rate was building high. Then came Mushfiq into the action. With some big shots, he restored the hopes and made everyone believe that today tigers will win. Tigers have won in this exciting match. It was really awesome show. I am feeling little sad for Sachin as his moments was destroyed by wonderful victory of Bangladesh team.

When Bangladesh wins, they win big!! I hope they will continue to will in the next match and make it to the final. And maybe win the final too. 🙂 Bangladesh team dedicated their victory to Late Manjarul Islam Rana. Rana was an awesome cricketer in the national team who died several years ago in a bike accident in this date. May Allah bless his soul.

At the end, good job tigers!!!!

N.B. Few articles from www.espncrickinfo.com about the match

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