Country Life

I am not much of a reader. I like to write but I don’t like to read. Sometime I don’t read what I wrote earlier. But I couldn’t help myself reading this blog named the simple country life. I was wondering around in freshly released to get some topic to write about and ended up reading that blog. I liked its theme and way it organized. I like the concept of ‘county man’ and ‘country man’s wife’ part. There are lots of picture about country life and its beauty. I recommend you to visit the blog. This blog showed me the I life wanted.

This blog made me nostalgic. It reminded me about country life I used to lead. I lived first 12 years of my life in my native village. And thanks to that, I experienced & learned lots of thing about country life. I learned about farming, raising cattle, and making own garden. I could go fishing whenever I wanted. It was easy and peaceful life.

Time has changed. Now I live in a concrete jungle instead of a natural one. I miss my old days. But after getting habituated with city life, it might be hard for me to get along with country life. A trip of one or two weeks might seem interesting but more than that will not be interesting anymore.

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