because of strike

Strike have always part of Bangladesh politics. Though it has a bad effect on the country. But students always enjoys strike as all educational institutions remains close on strike days. I too always enjoyed these days. But now I hate the strikes. Reason? you will know why after you finish reading this blog post.

Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) called consecutive three days strike from 22nd April or 24th April. On the very first day, I went to office even though it was strike. I didn’t want to go but I skipped office the earlier day. Though I took a leave for exam, I was got called at the afternoon to attend the office after exam if possible. But I didn’t attend and promised to come next day. That’s the reason I had to go to office on strike day. But I was surprised to see that none of other articled student came to the office. I was the only one. I completed what I had to do by 11 o’ clock. After launch, I left the office taking permission from manager.

I didn’t go to office on second day of strike. I got called from office at 10 am for not being present. When I said I couldn’t go because of strike, manager said that It is not fair because others employees came to the office. he must have forgot that I am not an employee and not get paid like the other employees. Any who, after saying those words, he put down the phone.The reason I didn’t attend was the strike of course. But I also knew that other students won’t go too. So I decided not to go too.

On the third day, I was thinking of going to office. I was getting ready for office. Then I heard about the violence on streets which were on my way to office and the places close to my office. So I decided not go to office. But at 11 O’clock, my manager called me and asked why I am not going to office. He also said some harsh words. I felt bit sad because I never want to miss anything on purpose. Anyway I decided to attend the office even if BNP calls for another strike. Fortunately BNP didn’t call another strike and made it easy to attend the office.

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