Keeping the record intact

It was Monday afternoon. I was at Agargaon and going to retrieve one of my friend’s laptop which was sent to service center. I was talking on phone and walking to BCS Computer City. When I was done with talking, I put it in my pocket. Suddenly I heard someone yelling “hey what did you put in your pocket”. The man was standing in front of me. He was wearing a lungi and a torn t-shirt. I wasn’t sure whether he was talking to me. A moment later he repeated the same words pointing at my pocket where I just put my cell phone.

I understood that the man was talking to me. I was surprised because why would anyone point at someone’s pocket and want to know what is inside the pocket. I was irritated and replied “what is inside my pocket that’s not your business”. I understood that the man was a hijacker. He kept insisting to show what is inside my pocket. I was furious. I started to walk and ignore him. He kept following me and yelling to stop. Then I saw some people are waiting at the street corner and trying to get on bus. I stopped when I was close enough to those people.

I turned back and yelled to the hijacker “what’s your problem?”. Still he was insisting me to show what’s inside my pocket. I brought out my cell phone from my pocket holding carefully so that he cannot take it and run away. I noticed that people who were waiting to get on bus watching us. One of them stepped in the scene and wanted to know what is going on. I told him what happened till then. That man then asked the hijacker why he was doing this. Hijacker replied that he lost his mobile phone and searching for it. Street walker and I become angry and said some harsh words. Street walker said the hijacker to get lost or else he will get bitten. Hearing this and understanding the situation, hijacker walked away.

I never been a victim of hijacking. Most of the people I know have been a victim of hijacking at least for once. So never being a victim of hijacking is a record to me. I was nearly becoming a victim. However, in the end, I was able to keep my record intact. Hope to keep it that way till the day I die….:D

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