End of an legend!


Humayun Ahmed
Humayun Ahmed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I was a school going kid when I read “Moiurakkhi’. That was the first time I met with ‘Himu‘ and his ‘creator’ Humayun Ahmed. I liked ‘Himu’ for his ideology and his unorthodox thinking. Soon I collected another book of ‘Himu’ and then another.  I started to love ‘Himu’ as well as Humayun Ahmed’s writing. Then one day I went to buy my first ‘Himu’ book. But unfortunately I was told that there were no books on himu at that moment. However, the sales person introduced me to ‘Misir Ali‘ which is another creation of Humayun Ahmed. I was not sure whether I would like the book or not. But still I bought the book as it was written by Humayun Ahmed. Name of that book was ‘Baghbondi Misir Ali’. It didn’t took me long to read that book. I finished the book on that day. The character ‘Misir Ali’ was complete opposite of ‘Himu’. ‘Misir Ali’ was a man of science. He likes to solve mystery. After reading several books, I started to buy and read books written by Humayun regularly. I started to read other series and novels written by him. Then i came to know about the city boy ‘Shuvro’ who belongs to a rich family and gradually losing his ocular power. He can’t see without his glasses but wants to see the nature, sea, the moonlight.


To be honest, I am not a crazy fan of Humayun Ahmed. One of the reasons is his personal life. But yet I can’t remember how many of his books I have read. I read his books because I liked his writing pattern. He has written lots of awesome novels. I didn’t read all of his books but few of them. Among the books I have read, I liked most of them. Humayun Ahmed was also a great director and movie maker. I didn’t see all of his movies or dramas but I liked most of his works. He has been a legend in modern literature.


However this legend passes away on July 19, 2012 leaving family members, relatives and thousands of crazy and normal fans. He was fighting with Cancer for a while. But in the end he got defeated. His departure caused whole nation to mourn.  People of all level expressed their deep sadness. His departure is a shock to modern Bengali literature. Apart from Humayun Ahmed, there are no great writer in current time. His death is a great loss to the country. Today his dead body was brought to the country and placed to National Martyred Monument for his namaj-e-janaja. Fans, relatives and well-wishers attended and said their prayer for his departed soul. But there his been a commotion with his burial. His second wife Meherunnisa Shawon demands that he should be buried at his Nuhash Polli but his relatives want to bury him at different place. They could not agree on this matter. And so body of Hymaun Ahmed remains unburied. I hope they will come up with a solution soon and complete the burial.


Humayun Ahmed died but he left us with his brilliant works and unfinished dream. He might be no more with us but his works will keep him alive for very long time. Even though Humayun Ahmed was not much of man of religion, I pray for his departed soul. May Allah bless his soul. Rest In Peace, Humayun.


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