An update of blog site

It has been 25 months since I have created this blog site. During this 25 months, i made lots of changes in the blog site. I changed templates and administrative settings. i tried to make the site look interesting. However it has been a long time since I updated my site. So today I made an update to my blog site.

Previously my blog site had only 4 tabs for home page, daily blogs, about author and guest book.  In the home page there were a welcome note which is not moved to welcome note tab. All my blog posts used to be shown in ‘Daily blogs” tab. Now blog posts are displayed in the home page. Daily blogs tab has been removed. Rest two tab About author and guest book is kept the same. However i added 3 categories of blogs in the tab panel. Also i provided a link to my other blog site where I post my poems. Rest of the template layout and settings is kept unchanged.

i have become irregular in the posting blogs. That’s why I couldn’t figure out that an update was necessary.From now on, i will try to post blogs regularly. Also I will try to make the blog more interesting.




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