For better or worse

My life long dream is to be a Chartered Accountant. In order to fulfill my dream I joined A. Qasem & Co Chartered Accountants giving up the opportunity of jobs with good salaries. AQC is an affiliated CA firm with globally recognized firm PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC). It has been 4 months since I have joined in AQC. During these four months I spent 2 months in the firm and another 2 months in client. During these 4 months I witnessed and got different advices for and against these profession and the firm.

I was told to think carefully before I apply for registration in ICAB. Some well wishers advised me to try for RRH which is a member firm of KPMG. So I thought thoroughly and from different perspective. And then i took my final decision and that is stay in AQC and become an articled student. So today I submitted my certificates and applied for registration under AQC. I hope soon I will get the registration. I am looking forward to attend June 2013 exam.

I don’t know whether becoming articled student at AQC is a good idea or not. But I will stick to my decision. These decision might lead me to better or worse position. I certainly hope that this decision make thing worse. i will try my level best to make it better.

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