In love with Bank Notes

I was searching on Google for an Image of 1000 Taka note. I was planning to post the image in Facebook and tag all my friends as symbolic Eid Salami. I indeed found the image. I hardly doubt Google can’t find anything. After clicking on the first search result, Google took me to a website called “The International Bank Note Society”.

I never heard of this society but the website claims that it was founded on 1961. Objectives of this society are to promote, stimulate, and advance the study and knowledge of worldwide banknotes and paper currencies.I found the site interesting. So I kept exploring the site. I saw their ‘Hall of Flame‘ members with their contributions. Members of IBNS are basically collectors and those who have interest on paper notes. Also this society publishes journal on paper notes on a regular basis.

Few moments later I found that every year this society elects a bank note as “note of the year”. It uploads the image of winning bank note with other nominated bank notes. Then I moved to the notice section only to find that someone lost a good number of bank notes from his collection. A link was there to show the image of lost notes. I followed the link and reached in a Facebook Album.  Lots of bank note image were there. I started to see one by one. As i was going through the images, I was getting more and more interested. All the images have different  colors, size and design. Most of the notes includes a photo of that country’s leader. Among the notes there were some rare notes.

Though it took me a while to watch each image, i become thrilled. I remembered that once I had the hobby of collecting coins of different country. Though my coin collection was very small but I had some 70/80 years old coin and coins from different countries. But unfortunately I lots them all. But watching the bank notes, I fell in love with bank notes. So from now on, I will collect different bank notes from different country. It’s my new hobby. Only problem of his hobby is that it is expensive.

by the way, if you want to know more about the bank note society, you can always visit the International Bank Note Society.

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