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I have completed 16 years of academic education in November 2011 as I finished my undergrad from North South University (NSU). With this 16 years of schooling I have earned a good academic qualification. But my Student status did not changed. Now I am a student of both Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh (ICAB) & Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of Bangladesh (ICMAB), two recognized accounting body of Bangladesh. After achieving good academic qualification, now I aiming to achieve professional qualification. In our current job market setting, no one can prosper unless one has some professional qualification. By professional degree I did not mean professional experience. Experience is one thing and qualification is another. While achieving the qualification you will become experienced.  Anyway, as a process of achieving professional qualification, I am aiming to achieve two respected professional degree , CA & CMA, simultaneously.

One might say that it is difficult to achieve these two degrees simultaneously. Of-course it is difficult but it is not impossible. I am mainly focusing on CA and trying to complete CMA as both covers interrelated topics.

I appeared in any professional exam for the first time in August 2012 exam of CMA. I appeared in two exams (IFA & IT) of CMA Level 1. Earlier I have been exempted from appearing in all four exams of Foundation level. By the way, CMA have 5 levels including foundation level. Each level covers 4 subjects. After completing all the curses, a student have to undergo in internship. Including internship, CMA is an exam of 2100 marks. Anyway, I had quite an experience while appearing in the exams. They are different from academic exams. My exams were good even though I was not satisfied with IFA exam.

The result of August 2012 exam was published yesterday. I have passed in IT but failed in IFA. I  also noticed that only 3 student passed the IFA exam. I really felt bad as i failed in accounting for the first time. I have studied Accounting for last 9 years and yet I could not pass the exam. Later I did some calculation. I found out that I have already completed 500 marks out of 2100. B receiving exemption, I have completed 400 marks of foundation level and as I passed in one subject i passed another 100 marks. In total I  have completed 500 marks which is 24% of the total requirement of CMA degree. This cheered me up a bit. Moreover i felt good when I thought that I have been acknowledged by a professional body that I am good at IT.

Now I am preparing for December 2012 exam. I am planning to appear in remaining 3 exams level 1. Also I am preparing for the May-June 2012 exam of CA. Pray for me.


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