Auditing at Chuadanga

Shortly after my journey to Keshabpur , I was notified that I have to go to Chuadanga for 25 days for auditing. It was a shocking news for me. First, I just came back to dhaka after 3 days tour. Second, my parents won’t allow this ling tour. And third, my practical classes of ICMAB was supposed to start after 1 week. I strongly expressed my negative impression regarding this matter. Then Rumee vai called me and asked me the reason about why I don’t want to go. I told him the reasons. Then he convinced me by letting me know that the tour won’t be more than 15 days and moreover he will try to give support so that I can attend the classes. Later I found a proxy for my attendance and solved that problem. That’s all you need to know. 😛

Audit team for Chuadanga consisted with 7 members. Mustafiz vai (Supervisor), Rumee Vai, Mehedi vai, Saad, Me, Mahbub & Nasim. Saad & I were instructed to do some groundwork on the client. Here I should let you know that our client was  a Micro Credit Organization. It was a great opportunity for us audit such type of organization. We started for our destination on the beginning of last week of September. We started at the morning and reached at our destination at the evening. We took some rest and then set out to see the surroundings. Also we brought some dry foods for the night. We watched TV till late night and then went to sleep.

me with the audit team
me with the audit team

Our busy days started in the very next day. We had to work really hard for next two weeks.  We worked from early morning to very late night. Even though we used to get back out rest house en the evening, but we had to work till late night to finish the audit work early. Also we used to make different types of analysis and audit strategies during the night. In this two-week we visited many branches offices in different places for audit purposes. Meherpur, Kprpashdanga, Simanto, Amjhupi, Darshana are some of the places we visited.

It took us more than two weeks to finish our audit field work. We had to word hard every day. However, we manged to get one day vacation from our work. We planned not to touch any work on that day. However we had to word for more than three hours on that day 🙁 . We went to nearby park at the afternoon. It was a good place considering the surroundings.

Audit team was supportive and very much friendly. Even though we had so much pressure we enjoyed our times. After 15 days of work, we returned to Dhaka. Though we returned to Dhaka, our audit work was not finished. We had to work in our firm. But it was an awesome experience to audit a micro credit organization and visit Chuadana.

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