A brief lesson on ‘How to kill someone’

Ever thought of killing your enemy or a person you don’t like? Or have you thought of killing someone but could not do it at the end? Do you want to be just like Dexter Morgan and kill him? well i can give you a solution on this matter. All you have to do is bring him out on a strike day.At the very beginning look in the media for a strike called by opposition party. Then call the person you are planning to kill. Make a schedule for something in a place where processions or violence occurs frequently.

On the strike day take him to the spot. Follow your schedule until any violence takes place. Normally violence occurs when opposition party supporters brings a procession supporting the strike and ruling party supporters brings another procession against the strike. Then both parties starts fighting and beats one another. Most of the case ruling party supporters beats the hell out of opposition party supporters. When you see violence is in extreme state, try to find out who are winning. Then run to that party and shout that there is a member of anti-party hiding. Then point to the person you want to kill. People will kill him for you. Don’t worry about the polices or others. Polices will pick up the corpse. No one will notice you.

By any chance you become a suspect, tell that you two are walking by and strikers attacked him. Though police will do some investigation but they will not find out who was actually behind this act. Even if your could be detected from some picture or video footage, investigating people will not find you in the footage. At the end you will be safe. And this is how you should kill a man.

N.B. This post should not be takes seriously at all. It is criticism post written after watching disgusting and shameful activities of police and govt. regarding ‘Biswajit Murder’.    

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