Terrible exam experience

Today was my first exam of ICMAB December 2012 exam. Today’s exam was scheduled on Intermediate Financial Accounting (IFA). It was my second attempt  of this subject. Last time I had great preparation. Last time I answered 84 out of 100. I was so sure that I will secure at least 60% marks. But as the first ever professional exam, I failed to manage the time. Moreover, luck was not in my favor. And that caused me to fail in Accounting for the first time.

This time I planned to pass the exam by any chance. But my preparation was not good at all. It was completely my fault that I didn’t pay much attention. I though my last time preparation will be enough for me. Moreover, I’m regularly in touch with the accounting processes due to audit in different clients. However, at the eleventh hour I understood that this preparation will not do. So I analyzed the total syllabus and selected to cover 13 topics. I finished revising all the 13 topics before exam. I thought my preparation will be enough to pass the exam.

During the exam, I found that I was familiar with most of the maths and terms. I didn’t know how to solve two math problems. But I figured out the way to do those maths. I was so close but I could not finish them. Moreover, I couldn’t do other maths correctly. My format and procedures were ok. But I might have mistaken during calculation. I didn’t have time to recheck whole math. So I skipped to next one. This way I answered total of 85 out of 100 marks during 3 hours time.

When I returned home, I checked my maths and the accounting processes that I didn’t know. I found that I was so much close to the answer. I could have done it if I gave some more time on those maths. Moreover, little practice of the maths would help me a lot. I don’t know what others think but I found the exam question harder than last time. My exam was terrible compared to the last time. Even though I answered 85 marks, I know that I will not be able to secure even 50% if the total marks. I’m felling sorry for the silly mistakes that I have made.

I should probably start studying this subject once again. But first I must study Cost Accounting. This exam is due on 30th December and I will appear in this exam for the first time. Moreover, I have not yer covered all the topics of the chapter. Right now I must give most of my times on this subject till the exam ends. I’m scared of this subject for a long time. Pray for me so that I can cover all the subjects and have a nice exam preparation. And ultimately pray for me so that I can pass in this subject.


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  1. Really nice…..Your writing inspired me a lot for blog writing…….I am a student of ICMAB…..The way you explained your experience …..I think, the same , every student feel at ICMAB……. I must appreciate your 1 thing ………..You are doing two professional courses at the same time ……. But why r u doing this?……….Cause after completing any 1 of them you will get exemption for other ……..why are you taking excess load?

    1. Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comment. I encourage your to write blog. This helps a lot in expressing thoughts! and don’t forget to leave me your blog address so that I can read it sometime. 🙂
      About two professional degree, I started CMA before I started CA. I was waiting for a call from CA firms. I was free at that time and thought I should start studying. After I started CA, I found that topics covered by both degree are almost similar. So I decided to continue both of the degree. It does not create excess pressure. All I need is some time to study and some persons for group study. Unfortunately I don’t have any. 🙁
      Best wished for your study! 🙂

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