Love story continued!

Ring! ring!! Ring! ring!! Ring! ring!!

my cell phone was ringing constantly. I was chatting with someone in Yahoo! messenger. I looked at my cellphone and saw an unknown number is calling me. But I knew who was calling me. It was the person I was chatting with. We never talked over phone before. I was not sure about how to address the person. But still I picked up the phone.

* Hello!

– why have  you picked up my missed call?

a female voice was talking from the other side of the phone. I could understand that she became annoyed because I picked up the phone.

* huh? that was a missed call?

– what else?

* Sorry! it was ringing constantly. I thought it was a regular call and so I picked it up. But you really should learn how to give a missed call.

– That’s my problem. Sometime I just dial number and forget I was calling someone.

* Seriously?

– Yap! and I’m hanging up now. Btw, this is my cell phone number.

* Ok! got it.

That was Rinky. We met at a summit. we were part of 200 delegates. We talked only once. Then we found each other on the Facebook group of the summit. I added her and soon we started to exchange messages.  Pretty soon we moved to yahoo messenger. And then finally we started talking over phone. Conversation above was our first conversation over phone. And till date, we have not passed a single day without talking with each other. I loved this small but interesting conversation. It didn’t took us long to realize that we both are madly in love with each other. On April 04, 2011 we expressed our mutual feelings. That was another interesting story.

On January 1, 2012 we meet for the first time after our relation. It was almost 10 months. We were eagerly waiting for a right moment to come and then it came. It was like a dreamy day. Since then we have met several times but not as frequently as couples do. Why? Because our relation is a long distance relation and we live in two cities which are approximately 120 miles apart.

People says that long distance relationship doesn’t work. But we are doing just fine. Of Course we had gone through many difficult times but we never missed our hope to be together. And so we have successfully passed 2 years of our relation. Today we are celebrating our 2nd anniversary. I hope our relation will continue forever and our love for each other will be deeper and stronger. Pray for us.

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