story of a Hacker!

Few month’s back I hacked a Gmail account and a Facebook account associated with it.  It was my first hacking. And the account I hacked was not in use. I belonged to a girl whom I don’t know at all. I believe it was never logged on after opening the account. I changed their passwords as other hackers does.  I set a password which I don’t use normally. I was very much excited about successfully hacking a account.

I was having a busy time during that time. So I couldn’t log on in the hacked account in few days. Soon I forgot about the hacked account. Today I remembered about hacked account. I tried to log in but I failed. I forgot the password I set. More importantly I forgot the mail address and account details of the hacked account. Then I realized I forgot how to hack the accounts. 😛 It’s damn funny. Looks like I’m a terrible hacker and my memory is getting weak day by day. 🙂 Anyway, I didn’t want to harm anybody and I believe no harm was done. As I mentioned earlier, the account was not in use. It rally doesn’t matter whether its password is changed or not. I am sure it’s true owner will not use the account ever.

At the end I declare that I’m not a professional or any kind of hacker. I hacked the account by chance. I don’t know how to hack and please don’t ask me to hack accounts for you. Also I declare that I don’t have any intention to be hacker or continue hacking activity. And I suggest you to undertake strong security measures for your Facebook and mail accounts.  Cheers!!!

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