Glimpse of 2013 and new year resolution

Another year have passed making me and my blog 1 year older. I started this year with lots of hope and excitement. I even made 10 new year resolution (See post new year resolution! ). Before going to compare the end result with expected result, lets me tell you some major events that happened to me in 2013.

First I mourn for those whom we lost during this year. I specially mourn for my friend Asif’s sister, My friend Sifat’s and Murad’s father. I also mourn for father of my colleague Hasnain Suny, my uncle and my other relatives who have passed away in this year. Inna Lillahe wa inna Ilaihi Rajiun ( To Allah we belong and to Him is our return). May Allah bless your soul to Jannah and give us strength to bear and overcome this loss. I also welcome those little angels who made us feel blessed.

Now it’s something to tell about my blogging. I rarely posted blog in this year. I only posted 12 blogs in this year. it seems i almost gave up the blogging habit. But i always wanted to write blog. Now I can hardly manage time for blogging. But I promise i will write lots of blog in this year. I have so many things to write about.

Now Let me give you a glimpse of how 2013 was for me:

  • I visited Chittagong and Cox’s Bazaar with my friends and family.
  • I went to Mymensingh for the first time for audit purpose during March.
  • I sat for ICMAB exam 3rd time in April
  • I have completed 1 of 3 years of articleship of CA in June.
  • I got an increment in my monthly allowance from my firm for completing 1 year of articleship.
  • I attended my Convocation of Bachelor Degree from North South University.
  • I sat for ICAB exam for the first time after lots of suspense with the exam.
  • I visited Dinajpur for the first time for audit purpose during August.
  • I was selected for EMBA admission at AIS department of Dhaka University.
  • I turned 24 on August and mourned for growing older.
  • Result of ICAB published on August where I passed 5 subjects out of 7 subjects.
  • I sat for ICMAB exam for 4th time.
  • I got admitted in EMBA of Dhaka University and started first semester.
  • I bought a new mobile phone on September
  • I celebrated Eid-ul-Ajha at my native village with my friends and family.
  • I visited Mymensing again on October.
  • My father retired on October  and reappointed on November for 1 year.
  • My relationship was almost broken in November.
  • I sat for ICAB exam for second time in December but all exam was not finished during that month.
  • I lost my new mobile phone after 4 month of use.

Looks like lots of exciting and tragic things happened to me during this year. Now let me compare my resolution for 2013 with actual result.

1. It was my plan to be more religious during this year. I don’t know how to measure this but I don’t think I have achieved the level I wanted to reach.

2. I wished to strengthen my bond with family, friends and loved one. I am sure i certainly did, at least compared to last year. My relationship is now almost 3 year. We had faced couple of odd times and overcame those odds.

3. My 3rd resolution was to enhance time management skill. I don’t think I fulfilled this resolution but I am sure I was almost there.

4. My estimate was to complete 400 marks of ICMAB during this year. But I have completed 300 marks. Now I have completed total of 900 marks to be an ACMA. In my defence, I have not sat for December eaxm of ICMAB. I am sure, I will cross my target in this attempt.

5. My utmost wish was to complete PS(K) level, which is the 1st level of ICAB. In this year i have sat for only once and another exam is ongoing. In my first attempt I have completed 5 out of 7 subjects. In Sha Allah, I will complete rest 2 subjects in on going attempt.

6. I had a dream of having lots of money. So I wanted to grow saving habits. But i don’t think I grew this habit at all.

7. About the weight…..I didn’t lose any weight, rather i gained some. 🙁

8. I missed this resolution last year. So I fully achieved it. 😀

9. To be good and expert in my task was my resolution. I tried my best to work on that. Alhamdulillah, I have some improvements in this side. But I’m not that much good or expert on anything yet.

10. I don’t think I have any improvement on “keeping the good habits and giving up bad habits”.

If I critically analysis my performance, I think I will score very poorly. But I sure will continue working on those resolution. Now it’s time for new resolution for new year.

1. I will write blogs and poems more often.

2. I will visit some new places.

3. I will visit my relatives, friends and loved one.

4. I will complete Professional Stage (Application) level of ICAB.

5. I will complete Level 1 & 2 of ICMAB and complete more than total of 1200 marks out of 2100 marks.

6. I will do or learn or own something new in 2014.

7. I will be more disciplined and well planned in financial matters.

8. I will finish at least 5 courses of EMBA in 2014.

9.  I will try to be a better person.

10. I will continue working on my 2013 resolution.

I don’t know how much of it I will meet but I sure will try my best. That’s it for this blog. I don’t have anything else to write about this topic. Wishing you all a very happy and wonderful year. Please pray for me. Happy New Year!!!

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