Just for you, Rinky!

Rinky, I know It is late but wishing you a Happy Birthday. It has been almost 3 years since I met you. But we saw each other only a few times.I so wanted to celebrated your birthday together. I wanted to give you a gift and surprise you. Wanted to roam around all day. But it was not possible. I wanted to give you the first gift. I wanted to be the one to wish you first. But I wasn’t any of those. But I still wanted to give you a surprise. So I sent you a birthday present which you were supposed to get on your birthday and planned not to wish you. I know you were expecting my wish but I thought it would be more surprising if you get my gift and then I wish you. 

But things didn’t go how I planned. You got so upset ( I know you should be). So I wished you in slight mood but you didn’t feel better. I was so hoping that you will get your present by the day end and then I could finally wish you. But you didn’t get the present. I don’t know what to say. I’m so sorry for messing up everything and feeling stupid. I so wanted to make a good day for you but instead I made it the worst. 

Now I hope you get your present and like your present. Sorry for ruining your day but let me just tell you from my heart “Happy Birthday, My Love. Wishing many many returns of the day. May you upcoming days be lovely and enjoyable than ever”





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