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Its update time….I have been gone for a long time. I got so much busy with life, work and study that I hardly get time to write a blog. But here I am to share a little bit update of mine. I am not sure where to start. Let me start with my MBA. I have finished my first semester in MBA with a great success. I took two courses and ended up getting an A in one subject and an A+ in another subject. Now I have started my second semester which is almost near to end. Again I took two courses and wishing to cut good result.

Now, let me come to my CA study. I have completed ‘professional stage – knowledge level’ which is the first level of my CA study. It took me two attempts to pass the level. I passed 5 subjects in first attempt and remaining two in second attempt. Now I am a student of application level and preparing for upcoming exam in June 2014. I have already started taking pre-exam coaching classes in ICAB. However it have becoming troublesome for me to take both my MBA and pre-exam coaching classes. Fortunately my MBA classes will finish soon and I will be able to focus on my CA classes. I am hoping to complete few courses in application in the first attempt.

Finally something about my CMA study. it was a great disaster. Previously I have passed 900 marks out of 2100 marks. During the last exam which was held during December 2013, I appeared for two subjects. However I could not pass any of it. I was confident that I will pass in both subjects. It was a great shock to me. However I considered it as a collateral damage. Reason behind that is my MBA, CA & CMA exam, all three was held at December 2013. Unfortunately, all three exams clashed. I had to manage my times for each exams. However, I focused more on my CA and MBA exam than CMA exam.

Life has become so hard after passing the first level of CA exam. Now I hardly getting time for myself. However I will make a routine shortly so that I can manage my times. I am hoping to give some time for blogging too. Wish me luck for my studies. That’s it for today. Live tight and stay happy. Untill the next blog…….

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  1. I am really impressed from your writing practice & also your focuses on several aspects. Please go ahead and enjoy a bright professional life in future. If you have free time please response a feedback mail to me as I am going to take admission in ICMAB after completion my 13 yrs professional life as a Civil Engineer (BUET). Have a nice day

    1. Thank you very much for your comment. It is a good decision to start CMA at ICMAB. But I will suggest to consider the syllabus and contents of CMA. But I am surprised that you are changing track. Engineering and Accounting are different and unrelated track. It might be difficult for you at first but when you will get familiar with accounting world it will become easy. Wish you good luck!

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