Finally I am getting little bit of relaxed time. I finished my Application level exam two weeks earlier. In my previous post I have mentioned that life was becoming hard after passing Knowledge level exam of CA. I had to get admitted for application level coaching class. After result I had only 2.5 months to prepare for next level exam. I thought of appearing 5 out of 7 subjects. But later changed my thought and decided to attend all 7 subjects. Then it got way harder. I had to read all those big books first to last page. Again it not about just reading but I had to put the contents into my head. I had to manage time for class, office and reading. I was getting stressed. But I continued to study.

When exam schedule was announced, I panicked. But skipped few classes in the coaching classes for library work. I collected few notes but I hardly got time to study them. But finished reading all the books just before the exam date. Before the exam, I analyzed my preparation and found that it was not adequate. So become shocked and thought of skipping couple of exams.  Then my father suggested not to skip the exams. I studied hard during the exam and pre-exam week and appeared in all exams. Alhamdulillah all exams went well except for financial accounting. My performance was better than my preparation. And now hoping to pass few subjects.

After May-June exam of ICAB, I am relaxed. I have nothing important to do. Although I had to join in the firm again. I have already seen few movies and finished watching few TV series. Now I feel free and revived. But not for long, as now I will have to start preparing for next exam at ICMAB. God help me…..

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