Two Little Business Women

It has been my habit for last two/ three years to observe people. Whenever I am idle or wait for someone or something, I observe people. I try to analyze and understand their attitude, their activities and their way of thinking. Sometime I learn new thing and sometime I smile as they have fun.

Today I was on my way to client’s office. I was standing in a line and waiting for my bus. There was a small restaurant just next to me. I was looking at the chef’s works. There was two little girl eating breakfast next to the chef. From their look it seemed they were alone. I was surprised as it is highly unusual for children to have breakfast alone in such crowded place. So I kept looking. few minutes later they finished having their breakfast. They paid for their breakfast and came out of the restaurant. They looked at the crowd and went back to the restaurant. A moments later they came out with some newspapers in their hand. They discussed something and pointed out to two different side of the crowd. Then those two girl went to the different side they pointed.

I understood that those two girls were newspaper sellers. They sell some low-end newspaper to people in the bus station area. Generally they start working early in the morning. They might have took a break for.breakfast when crowd was small. After their breakfast they saw that the station is crowded again. So they started working again. They made strategies to target different sides in order to avoid competition. I have seen young people like them normally trend to work together and try to sell newspaper at the same person. But these two girl was different. They are good business women. They choose not to compete with each other and targeted people from different area. This way they can cover large area and reach more people increasing their chances to sell more newspaper.

I was surprised watching their strategy. These two girl are small enough to miscalculate but yet they came up with good strategies. Or may be someone else show them this strategy. I don’t think these two girls are going to school but they should be. Instead of newspaper business, they should be making strategies for their business. It seems practical experience sometime teaches better than formal learning process.

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