2014 : A Year Without Achievement!

Call me superstitious but I believe odd years are great for me. From my experience I have witnessed that all great things happened to me was during the odd years. For example, I moved to Dhaka in 2003 when my success story actually started. I passed my High school and enrolled in college in 2005, Passed college in 2007, completed my graduation on 2011, Completed first level of CA in 2013, Again in 2013, I completed 400 marks in CMA. I got admitted in MBA is 2013. Also the greatest thing ever happened to me was when I was born. That too was in an odd year. I met with my soul mate in odd year. So you see, odd years favors me most. I’m not saying even years are bad for me. I’m saying I don’t have any significant even in even years. Only great memory I have in even years is in 2008 where me and my friends went to tour for the first time.

2014 as an even year didn’t bring me any memorable memory. I don’t even realized 2014 is already over. It was a year without any achievement. Only good thing happened to me this year is that I passed  3 subject in CA. Other than that 2014 was a busy year. I have been auditing the whole year. Went though lots of stress and tension. Had to review about future paths over and over again but realized I have nothing to do until July 2015. So I kept quiet and pushed the tension and stress aside. I don’t have time to deal with that now. It was a year of regret. I missed every tours my friends went. I missed several get together and party held by friends. I missed family parties and programs.

Life is going fast. I can’t believe another year have passed just in a blink of eye. As 2015 have come, my heart is filled with hope. As an odd year, I expect to enjoy some favor. Nevertheless, I am sure there will be a turning point in my life during this year. Each year I make several new year resolutions. This year I make only two: 1) To live happily with my closest one. 2) to be a better man than I was in earlier years.

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