Yeah! I'm an app Developer!

I always had a particular interest on programing, software & apps development, web development, video and graphics editing. I learned very few basic codes in DOS, HTML, PHP and Python. Without anyone’s help I hosted some websites with free domains. Also I learned some basic moves in Photoshop. So you see I am little bit familiar with all the things mentioned above. However I never had any software or app development experience. Microsoft game threat opportunity.
Yesterday I attended a free training session on apps development for windows store and windows phone store. The session was organized by Microsoft Bangladesh. They provided us a free developer account and taught us how to make an app without any coding. I used to think making an app requires depth knowledge of programing and coding. But now I see I was wrong. All it requires is a developer account and some idea for the app.
In the training session I was required to open account in Microsoft app studio and Microsoft dev center. the trainers were very helpful and supportive. They showed us how to make an app step by step. It was very easy. I made 4 apps during the 4 hour training session. Today I made another app during my lunch time. it took me nearly 15 minutes to make the app. so you see making an app is not hard at all.
By the way, I have 5 apps in the windows store and windows phone store available for windows 8.1 only. If you have operating system of windows 8.1, don’t forget to check out my apps. you can find them by searching “Cooking Tricks”, “Influential People”, “Cycle Mania”, “Avenger Alliance facts” and “Bengal Tiger” on the windows store.

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