Days with Bell's Palsy

It has been almost three weeks since I have got affected with Bell’s Palsy. Those who don’t know, “Bell’s Palsy is the paralysis or severe weakness of the nerve that controls the facial muscles on the side of the face – the facial nerve or seventh cranial nerve. Patients typically find they suddenly cannot control their facial muscles, usually on one side.

On 14th December morning I woke up only to find that my left side is not working. I noticed it while I was brushing my teeth. It was weird to see half of my face is not working. I thought it might due to improper blood circulation on that side. When I went to office, one of my colleague and elder brother identified that I have developed Bell’s Palsy. He told me that he too had Bell’s Palsy and suggested me to see a doctor as soon as possible.

I returned home at evening and shared my problem with my family. They got scared and thought I had a stroke or something. They urged me to see a doctor. I was thinking to wait for a day and find out if there is any changes. But my family literally dragged me to a neurosurgeon. He confirmed me about my Bell’s Palsy and gave me some exercise. He also prescribed some medicines, electronic stimulation therapy  and told me to have patience as it takes some time to recover and to have gum more often.

I felt irritated. This was my first visit to a doctor. Up to this point of my life I never had to see any doctor. I intended to keep it as long as possible. However, visiting the doctor was a good thing. It was important that I started medication in early stage. Moreover, I was able to stop my mother from nagging me to see a doctor.

Worst part of Bell’s palsy is not being able to talk properly. You can’t say lots of words when one side of you lips don’t work. I found out that people were also having a very hard time to understand what I say. It was really annoying. So I took leave for a week so that I won’t have to talk to others. I mostly stayed at home but unfortunately, I had to attend lots of phone calls while I was on leave. So the purpose of my leave was not fruitful and so I decided to continue my office.

Recovery from Bell’s palsy is a very slow process. I started medication and electronic stimulation therapy from the very first day. It was been almost three weeks but yet I have not recovered. Although there has been lots of improvement from the initial stage! Alhamdulillah! I thing I might recover two more weeks to recover fully.

Mental support is very much needed for the patients of Bell’s Palsy. I was lucky enough to to get support from numerous people. Thanks my colleagues, friends and family members who called me and prayed for me. Please keep me in your prayers so that I can recover earliest possible time.

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