Death of a spirit!

Death is the common phenomena for a living people. It is the eternal truth. Everyday people dies. Some dies physically and some dies spiritually. We feel sad when people dies. We mourn for them.

But we don’t feel any emotion for spiritual death. Because we actually don’t see the death of spirits. The number of people dies spiritually is higher than the number of people dies physically. Most of the time people don’t realize the death of own spirits.

What do you call a spiritually dead people? I think it would be either puppet or robot. Spiritually dead people are either controlled like a puppet or acts like a robot with pre-set actions. No, I think zombie would be perfect allies for a spiritually dead person. It watches everything, senses everything, doesn’t have cognitive ability, driven by desire to bite and infects a sound soul.

So why do people die spiritually? Some spirits die due to physical inability, some dies due to parents desire, some dies due to family and sociall pressure, some dies because of broken heart. Getting with the flow of life also kills some spirits. Everyone starts with high spirit. Spirits leads to many dreams. But with time people gets busy with life, becomes frustrated. Their spirit become weak and their dream become hazzy. At the end of the life, they just have some unfulfilled dream.

Unfortunately, I think my spirit is dying gradually and becoming aa robot. I am getting tied up with life, duties and responsibilities. I am getting busy with workload and forgetting the dreams of my life. I have fulfilled many of my dreams but I had to sacrifice some others. Some others dreams are still to be fulfilled. But I can feel that these dreams are fading away. It won’t be long before I become a zombie.

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