CA after HSC: Pros & Cons


It’s very exciting to see more and more people are getting interested to study CA. In recent years number of CA students has increased significantly. Graduates from Private universities were not that much interested to study CA but now trend has changed. Private university graduates are getting more interested to study CA. At the same pace students after passing HSC are also getting interested to study CA. Recently i was asked by several HSC qualifier regarding options and benefits of studying CA after HSC. Here are some Pros and Cons of Studying CA after HSC. Kindly note that these are my thoughts and may not be applicable for everyone.


  1. You can skip four year bachelor and start for CA right away. You don’t have to wait 4 years to study CA.
  2. If you pass CA, you will become a Chartered Accountant and step into the professionals’ world. You will be treated almost equally to any other Chartered Accountants.
  3. You will have more stamina to study then others.
  4. If you work hard, you can overcome your weakness. If you focus and try hard to understand the underlying concepts, your study will be easy.


  1. You have to undergo 4 years of articleship instead of 3 years.
  2. In CA, there is no option to get a Bachelor degree (like ACCA’s OBU).
  3. If you fail to pass CA, your educational qualification will remain as HSC qualifier. In that case, you may have to start over for graduations.
  4. As you skip graduation, you will also skip some basics which are taught during graduation. So things might be little hard for you to understand. For that reason you might need more time to pass compared to others.
  5. Other student might think less of you and their words might demotivate you.
  6. CA firms doesn’t pay much. So you might have to face financial problem. You will need to learn money management.
  7. In CA you have to work full time like an employee. You have to manage your own time to study. It will not be same as studying for graduation when you will have plenty of time as a full time student.

 As I see it, CA after HSC has more Cons than that of Pros. For that reason I suggest most of the person to aim for CA after graduation. But than again, it’s my own point of view. If you are really confident enough, have determination and courage to take the challenge you can start CA after HSC. Just to let you know that becoming a Chartered Accountant after HSC is possible. There are several Chartered Accountants who started CA after HSC and successfully completed it.

Take your decision wisely and stick to it. No matter what don’t be distracted and demotivated. Have courage and go the challenge. Success will be yours!

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13 Replies to “CA after HSC: Pros & Cons

  1. Sir,i am studying bsc in botany (1st year final).My ssc gpa 4.81 and my hsc gpa 4.40 from science group.sir,plz tell me “Can i apply for CA”?

  2. Sir,
    I’m studying BBS (hons) In Economics. I’m very eager to admit in a CA firm. My SSC was from science And gained GPA 4.88 and HSC from commerce and my GPA was 4.40.
    Can I admit in ICAB besides my graduation programme? And Will it be wisest for me? Please inform me.

  3. What is the admission process? This year I will become a graduate. So what can I do for admission? Which firm best for me?

  4. I’m eager to study CA. my SSC result is 2.96 & HSC result is 4.12.& BBA Department of Accounting result 2.93 & MBA result 3.06 (NU).Can I apply for CA?

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