Surprise of Fate!

Fate is defined as clearance of something unavoidable to a person. You can call it fortune or destiny. In Arabic this is called ‘Takdir’. As a Muslim, I believe in fate. I also believe that it is possible to change your fate if you work for it. I always try to shape my own destiny. But it is not possible for anyone to shape his entire destiny. There are some times when things go out of your hand and you have to relay on mercy of Almighty. Things might go for better or worse for you. But you have to be patient and believe on the act of almighty.

When I was little, I selected Chartered Accountant (CA) as my aim in life. Why I selected that aim is another story. My be I will tell you another time. When I set my aim in life to be a CA, I had very little knowledge about it. I didn’t even know what a CA does. So when I had to write essay about ‘my aim in life’, I never could write that I want to be a CA. I always used to write that I want to be a doctor and I want to help poor, bla bla bla. That’s because I didn’t have any clue and I was shy to ask other about the ‘thing’ I want to be but have no idea.

When I was in Class 9, I was asked to choose a Study route. At that time, 3 alternatives were available: Science, Business Studies and Humanities. Most of my family members and relatives have studied science background. I also loved science but I used to find chemistry very hard. At that time, someone suggested me that if I want to be a CA, then I should select Business Studies and Study Accounting. I couldn’t recall the person or his his name. But I followed his suggestion and selected business studies as my study route. I studied accounting very hard. At the beginning, it seemed weird and funny. I could never understand the reason I have to go through all those hardship to make a trial balance. But with time, I cracked accounting and started loving it. In fact I started to get highest marks in accounting. Then I passed school and college but kept my dream of being CA alive.

After passing school & college, I went to a reputed CA firm along with one of friend to learn about CA and admission process. We just completed our college education and didn’t have much of clue about corporate attire. We were wearing casual attire at the day we visited that CA firm. When we entered the CA firm, we found someone passing by. We asked him that if he could give us some time to share knowledge about CA and admission process. The person looked at our attire and burst with anger. He insulted for not wearing corporate attire and told us that we were not the type to study CA. We should seek for some firms which allows such audacity. After all the hard talk, he told us to get out of the firm. We felt so much insulted that we could not stay bit more. After getting out of the firm, we two made our life decisions. My friend, who was also interested to be a CA, decided not study CA where as I became more passionate to be CA. I wanted so much to prove him wrong. It was my way to taking revenge.

At the very beginning of my graduation, I decided to select Accounting & Finance as my major. My university provided ‘Accounting & Finance’ as single major. At the second semester, I was introduced to Marketing and Finance. I studied marketing on small scale during my college education. But during my undergrad, I got the complete picture of marketing. I fall in love with both accounting & finance. After couple of semester, I decided to pursue double major and i selected Marketing as my second major. For some reason, I found myself scoring high in marketing instead of Accounting and Finance. In the middle of my graduation, I left my dream of becoming CA and made my new dream to be a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). I shifted more focus on Finance related subjects while pursuing my ‘Accounting & Finance’ major.

At the end of my graduation, I joined Eskayef Bangladesh Limited as ‘intern’. I was assigned under Mr. Razzaque Bhuiyan. He was manager of the accounts and a chartered accountant. There were several others who were from the CA background. I worked as intern in Eskayef for 3 months. During this time I learned many things which includes the roles & responsibilities of a CA, CA admission process, Corporate culture and the value of a professional degree. Mr. Razzaque (Razzaque vai) was caring and very much helpful during my entire internship. At the end of my internship, I requested Razzaque vai to help me to get admitted in a CA firm. He agreed to help me and but warned me that it might take some times.

After completing my graduation, I had to select my future objectives. But I had many options. Getting a job was a very lucrative and reasonable option. Almost all of my friends were getting into jobs with handsome amounts. I thought of getting into a job and help out my family financially. Then I came to know about ICMAB where I could obtain a professional degree besides my job. Some of my friends were getting admitted in ICMAB. I joined them and got into ICMAB. But I was not happy. I wanted to be CFA. So I looked into the CFA process. I found it bit difficult me for that level and expensive considering the family financials.

I skipped the CFA but reverted to CA. I discussed some of my friends and relatives. But most of them discouraged me indicating the poor success rate at CA. I sat down and wrote down all the pros and cons of all the options I found valid. But still I could not decide. So I discussed with my father and shared my concern that CFA will be expensive, getting a job means end of my dream to have a professional degree and admission in CA will make a family burden for another 3 years. At that time, I really thought that studying CA will make me a burden because I will not be able to contribute to my family rather I have to be dependent during the 3 year training period. Finally my parents suggested me to pursue my childhood dream and assure me that they will provide necessary support (financially and mentally). I decided to study CA.

Soon after deciding to study CA, I joined in A. Qasem & Co. for 3 year training with the help of  Razzaque vai. I still could remember the first day at AQC. My seniors introduced me to different rules, policy and practice. At first, I feld captive at the firm. I didn’t know many. I had to obey my seniors, managers and partners. I had to be conscious about my actions to that it doesn’t violate any disciplinary actions. Started to count days. I decided not to stay at firm for more than a day after the end of my training period. I can remember crossing dates in calendar at the evening each day.

But after several months, I got used to with the firm environment, rules and practice. With time, I came to know all the persons in the firm and got along. I was having different amazing experiences at firm and audit clients. I started loving the firm. I didn’t have much time for my relatives or friends. I had to focus on my study, exams and the auditing activities in firm. I made some friends and got some excellent seniors in the firm and with their help introduced many changes in audit procedures. Our initiatives were appreciated and with time we got the chance to lead the audit teams.

Things became much more interesting when I completed 2nd out of 3 levels of professional exams. I had different opportunities and experiences which are very rare for CA students even in my firm. It became more interesting when the firm became a member or Ernst & Young Global (EY). I was so busy with audit and my study that I forgot to cross out the dates in calendar. Soon I found out that I have competed the training period. After my training period, I got some lucrative job offers. But I decided to remain in the firm until I became a CA. Fate didn’t disappoint me. Within couple of month, I became a CA and now it has been almost a year. After completing CA, I had couple of job offers. But I didn’t like the idea of leaving the firm. Surprisingly enough, I found myself more attached to the firm than I realized. I found myself enjoying seriously flexibility in my works which I will not get in the corporate world and I’m feel happy for the things I do.

It’s nothing but surprise of the fate that I came this far. I aimed for something I don’t know about, I changed my objective but came back to it. I was discouraged to pursue my dream then again I got numerous opportunities and help from countless people while pursing my dream. I had hardship but I had the opportunity to learn how to enjoy it. It’s a surprise alright. It’s nothing but blessing of Almighty. I don’t know what fate has for me in the future but I plant to shape my  own future. I know almighty helps who tries. I am sure I will have the blessings of the Almighty. If things does not go well for you, keep trust on the Almighty. Fate sure will bring a surprise for you.

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